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Planetside has consumed me.

You think UO/AC/EQ are addictive? Bullshit. Finally an FPS with objectives that actually mean something. Tangible results for your actions. And because it's an FPS, results are based on your actual skill in combat, not some random number generator telling you if your sword penetrated a rat deep enough to kill it. Planetside implements a fantastic (although seemingly limiting at first) certification system to keep things balanced, and also to all but force teamwork. My encounters with combat have so far have been Vietnam-style skirmishes between small/medium squads with moderate armor/aerial coverage. All combat has been for the control of bases, apart from hunting a lone sniper, so no epic battles, yet. Although I also haven't played during prime time.

I played last night until 3:30 AM. I know I told some of you I was going to bed a bit after 2, but I had to play just a few more minutes. It's got me.

Just as an example of what some typical gameplay (for me) has been so far, here is some of what I encountered last night:

Once I completed VR training in every weapon/armor type/vehicle type (DO THIS, you can get Battle Rank 2, halfway to 3 just from the experience of trying everything for the first time.. plus it'll let you pick a weapon/vehicle you like, to help map out how you'll use your early certifications), I turned on my "Looking For Squad" flag just outside the HART building at the VS sanctuary, and was quickly picked up by a squad in a Galaxy (An aerial vehicle with pilot, 3 gunner, and 6(?) troop positions, along with a spot for one small ground-based vehicle). We took off and traveled through a nearby jumpgate to another (hotly contested) continent. I don't recall which one, but the environment was very arid and mountainous, with a few sickly looking grey forests. Once through the jumpgate, the pilot got his bearings as to what was which way, and then asked us which of the nearby bases we'd like to attack. We chose the nearest, a bio-lab just a few clicks south of the jumpgate. As we approached from the North, we began taking fire from the North tower of the base (most bases have towers surrounding them, a few hundred yards from the base itself, which act as spawn points and gun towers, etc). The galaxy took some heavy damage to the rear, so we all bailed and assaulted the tower. A few minutes to clear it, then a few to hack it so we could use it to spawn, and we had a launching point for our assault on the main base. We healed up and re-equipped, then headed out of the tower. As soon as we exited the tower, one of our guys was hit by a sniper. The tower we were at was in a valley at the base of a high plateau, and a lone sniper could be seen peaking over the ledge. Everyone scrambled (I ran around to the other side of the tower) to safety. I fired a few shots up at the ledge, probably not hitting anything, but at least keeping him distracted, when one of our guys rolled up next to me in a Harasser. (The Harasser is a ground vehicle, similar to a dune buggy, with a driver and gunner.) You don't have to be certified at anything to be a gunner, so I jumped in the passenger side and we sped off towards the plateau. I _covered_ the ledge where he was in fire, but because we were firing from a bad angle, I doubt anything actually hit him. The driver tried to climb the side of the plateau, working the different angles in the rock, but we eventually lost traction and slid back down. Almost made it, too. As he looked for another avenue of approach, I was promptly sniped and killed. First death (not in VR ;) ).

It's now 4:30, I began this about 9 AM, but have been "distracted" by work. I'd love to write more about my conquests last night, but I really

It's now 7:30, and I'm at home. Work is funny like that. I'll be playing Planetside if anyone needs me.
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