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Pain is much less now than it was before. Only as one dose of the antibiotics wears off does it really return with any umph. Color is beginning to return to normal, and the swelling is greatly reduced. Hooray for me.

Bought an Advance SP today. Bianca ( misatochan ) spotted it for me at a Wal-Mart about 30 minutes from me. I've already begun working my way through Metroid Fusion. Kicks ass.

Also, was given, like, the GREATEST gift ever by Bianca today. She painted me this. Could anything be more perfect?? Now I just need to get some nails to hang it with.

And today, with seeing her and also seeing Jason ( checkm8 ) and [briefly] Sam ( silvereelve ), and with all the friends and family who have called me the past few days to comfort and check up on me, I realized that being alone doesn't need to be that bad. I thought leading a life alone would be unbearable (and at times it has been), but today I really realized that, with all the fantastic people I've become friends with over the years... all the wonderful and unique people I know, as long as I actually go out and see them instead of staying so distant, life can actually be good. This makes me happy, and not just superficial happy. Like, genuine, inner warmth happy. So thanks guys :)
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