Carlos (tallon29) wrote,

Planetside review

"Even as a newbie, I was able to hop into the game like I'd been playing it for months. After equipping myself with a heavy pulse cannon, I set off with a buddy to take some unclaimed bases. Luckily we were both certified for the Wraith, a high-speed buggy that cloaks, perfect for recon. We set off for our first target, only to find it guarded by two Terran grunts, chatting about Pokemon or some crap. With our cloaking shields up, I ran over the first one, which alerted the other one, who deftly jumped for cover and vanished. Cloaking for individual units as well? News to me! It was only until we saw the large gunship spawn at his vehicle base that we knew where he was. Too bad it was already up and firing by the time we reached his yellow ass. In one rocket he took out my buddy, who went haphazardly flying out of the base, leaving me to pine over the loss. I dove behind a crate, only to find myself low on ammo. I had three shots with my pulse cannon, just enough to take him down. As he scouted the area from above, I snuck into his base, using my handy dandy hacking tool. Running through the maze-like passageways, I finally found what I was looking for. The override. After a few moments of hacking, the base was mine. It was only the muted sound of anti-aircraft fire that let me know I was home free. Sure beats wacking a rat to death, no?"
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