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Just got home from my dinner with my Father. Had the most amazing conversation with him on the way back to dropping off at Pleasure Island (where he was meeting some coworkers). Totally amazing. And the events that led up to starting the conversation... there's such a clear path of miniscule decisions and [seemingly] random thoughts/actions that occurred, that set everything to exactly that topic... it's amazing. And things like this happen everyday, to every person. Every tiny insignificant thing we do, say, see, or whatever, everything has such a clear role in shaping us, the people we know (and don't know), the events in our lives, the nature of our relationships with everyone and everything... everything. It reaffirms my undeniable belief that everything has a purpose. Every single event, decision, you name it, everything occurs for a reason. Because there are so many billions upon billions of possibilities for what could happen each and everyday, that the ones that win out and actually occur are most definitely the ones that are 'supposed to'.

It reminds me of a quote I've had in my buddy info for quite some time, and have shared here on several occasions. A quote from one of Orson Scott Card's books.

"Free will doesn't exist. Only the illusion of free will, because the causes of our behaviors are so complex that we can't trace them back. If you've got one line of dominoes knocking each other down one by one, then you can always say, Look, this domino fell because that one pushed it. But when you have an infinite number of directions, you can never find where the casual chain begins. So you think, That domino fell because it wanted to."

I'm becoming obsessed with this concept (when confronted with it). With both of the above concepts. (they are very similar and overlap in many areas)

1) That everything happens for a reason, or rather, a purpose.
2) That every action and decision has a single, clear, and logical chain of events which caused it to occur, no matter how hard it may be to find [read: how seemingly random it may be].

I want to write much more on this, but I am going to gather my thoughts on the topics first; perhaps over the next few hours, or the next few days. In the meantime, please add any thoughts/opinions/experiences/insight you may have to hopefully spark a constructive conversation.
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