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Reading all of that again ... it seems just a bit pathetic, doesn't it? Oh well. It's me, out there to be seen. Not something I allow very often. But I'm always open to questions.

Found out my Dad isn't coming up until Saturday. I have another night to clean. (I need it!)

Anyone seen Boogiepop Phantom? It is now atop my 'Must Watch' list. I think if I finish cleaning my apt soon enough, I may watch 'The Ring' tonight. I bought it almost a week ago now, need to see it.

At the expense of some sleep, I gave Raven Shield a go last night. My goodness, what a beautiful game. The Unreal engine can pump out some marvelous maps. It felt painfully slow at first, since I've been playing things like Deathball and Rocket Arena (more twitch games than anything), so it's quite refreshing to get back into a tactical shooter. Something that requires some thought to go with the reflexes. I've always been fond of the Rainbow series as well. I learned everything I know about FPS from Rainbow Six, having been trained by some of the best several years ago in that game. And it shows whenever I sit down to play any of the Rainbow series. Ask Rob and Dan of my dominance in the demo ;) Hopefully I can do the same in the full version. I'll post a few pictures tonight.

Also, for any who have picked up RS, what are you using as a primary weapon? With 57 weapons in the game, I'm having a tough time deciding. Right now I'm using the PDW with the extended mag for maps heavier in CQC, and the M14 (fell in love with it in the demo) on single-shot for more open maps. Let me know your thoughts.

Make sure when you install Raven Shield that you also install the game service, and use it. You can maintain buddy lists with it, and you can automatically join servers your buddies are in just by right-clicking their name. My ID on ix TallonOSC. Add me when you install, and we can play together.

Last item for now: Alex/Dan/Rob, is our Teamspeak server still running? Of so, I need the IP/login info again.

Sorry if none of this is of any interest to you ^_^;
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