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I've had an eventful night...

But let me start off with this question. Does EB open PC games before they are purchased? I will never, ever give another dollar to Gamespot or Babbages again because of this practice they have taken up. Opening PC games and removing them from the box, case, CD-Key and all ... it was one thing with DVDs, it didn't really matter if someone saw the DVD I bought before I got it, although it sucked to have the insert all messed up from 50 people opening up the case and fondling it, but with a PC game? Sorry, that's too far.

My HD had appeared to have died tonight, sometime between me leaving work and arriving home. And I almost went with it.

Apparently Maxtor or IBM or somebody put speakers in their hard drives at some point in time. SO whenever there is a failure, it plays a little tune as a fault code. It took me a while to figure out where the music was coming from in my PC when I tried to boot it up. My first thought was of course the motherboard, because that's where you would expect a feature like that. Well I was wrong. My brand new 120 GB HD was making intermittent buzzing sounds from the instant it received power, about 1.5 seconds apart. I've had hard drives click on me before, but never this. And then about 3 seconds after the BIOS loaded up, the little tune would play. It was about 6 notes, just a little piece of annoyingly sweet music. And then 5 seconds later it'd play again. And then again. While I was panicing, realizing that just about everything was on that HD. All of my work stuff, a bunch of personal stuff, things that I couldn't apply a value to. Well I pulled the HD (in its cage) out of the PC and laid it on the floor next to it, and then called Bianca (misatochan) to get on Maxtor's website for me to find me a customer support # to call. She was very accommodating and very understanding, and complied. Unfortunately, Maxtor closes at 6 pm MST (-2 from Eastern) and it was 8:09, so I got nothing. I thanked her, and hung up. I set my alarm for work in the morning, sent a text message to a friend, and then gave up and went to sleep.

At this point, a little explaining is in order. Most of you will probably think I'm crazy for this, or that I should speak to someone or something, but :P you :)
I have a very strong bond to my computer, as I always have all the computers I've built. I've [seemingly] jokingly referred to my computers as my 'children' to people, when talking about building them or whatever. Why I form such a strong bond to this box at my feet I have no idea (well, some idea), but I do. I suppose it's a combination of several factors. They entered my life at a point when I needed an escape, and provided that for me. And of course then there's the transforming of misc parts lying about in boxes to the functioning machine that is here at my feet. Just like an artist, there is a part of me in this PC. And of course no PC of mine will ever be built without carrying over at least a few components from the previous one, just as I could never imagine buying one pre-built. I guess what it really comes down to is just a substitute for my lack of any real, substantial connections with other people over the course of my life. But that's enough of that. Just so you understand, lying under my desk with my computer's HD pulled out and malfunctioning, I felt as I would imagine a parent would with their child lying broken in their arms, it stung me that deeply.

I told you you'd think I was crazy... but it's the truth.

So anyway, I was awoken by a phone call from the person I sent the text message to, wondering if someone had died or something. I guess what I send brought great concern (it's not typical of me to request a phone call like that, is it?) Well I explained what was up, and she was relieved it wasn't anything serious. I tried to explain that it was something very serious, at least to me, but I'm not so good at conveying things like that.

But anyway, she had to go, so I sat there awake on my bed, and I figured I'd give it one more try, just as a 'Do You Believe In Miracles?' all or nothing long shot. I turned the PC back on, and ...


Heartbroken again.

But this time I actually stopped and thought rationally about it. The disk wasn't spinning, and it was making a humming noise, so I came to the conclusion that the arm on the HD maybe didn't park itself properly (or just couldn't get unparked). I figured I had nothing to lose, so I turned off the PC, and turned it back on, and the instant I heard the little buzzing sound I whacked the HD (still in the cage) against the floor, to try and free the arm. The HD made a few misc sounds, and then began vibrating as it whirred to life.


So hear I am, about to run every test on my HD there is. Hopefully this was just a freak incident.

I bought Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield tonight, but I'm not going to get to play it. My Dad is coming up to Orlando tomorrow, will be here for 4 or 5 days, so I desperately need to clean my apartment tonight.

If you read all of that, thank-you for caring. But please don't think I'm crazy :)

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