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Read a few old conversations tonight. Heh, I call them old, but they're really not. Reading them now, it doesn't even seem like it was me participating in them, though I can remember thinking and feeling those things. Feels like so long ago, another lifetime. It's amazing what a teacher Experience is. But then this is exactly why I save them. Introspection.

I'm very clearly back on the upswing now, although I was not successful in what I was attempting to accomplish. Quite the opposite, actually. Amazing. Hope it lasts. I expect some fluctuation, though.

Heh, Hope. Hope and I made up. For now. Let's see if we can keep it up.

Ocean's Eleven is a good movie. It's made especially for people like me who sometimes can't keep their mind from racing ahead and trying to figure things out. Just when you think you've put all of the foreshadowing together... just when you think you've got all the plot twists mapped out, they kick you square in the nuts. And you'll thank them for it.

Must do laundry .... tomorrow. Don't let me forget :)
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