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"I’m awake in the infinite cold"

No matter how down I may get, there is always one thing that will bring me back. It's only temporary, but damn does it work.

"I thought it was a beautiful thing, the word called hope."

I started to fill out a survey, but it was annoyingly vague in its questions. Too much work.

"Alone I cannot walk
Time's winds are too strong
Ah, leave me the way I am
All of my heart is ready to shatter
Please bury all of the terrible, sorrowful time
Oh tell me why
All I see is blue in my heart
Ah, I want this to end
Nothing is ended though in this night
Ah, I am lost
I can't go on
Oh tell me why, Oh tell me true
Tell me the meaning of life
Until the seasons change into forever"

I need to sleep. Good night.
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