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Well, this one isn't so accurate...

heh ...

#1 God; A very sensitive person, although you have many secrets you will not reveal. People are baffeled by your attitude sometimes... You are very patient and can keep cool in almost any situation.

#2 Gaea (Nature); My you are entertaining. You are very creative and can easily convey how you feel. An artist at heart.

#3 Death; You are a very compassionate one, sensitive, yet, when things must be done, they must be done. You do not care for the past and are always looking forward. You are a very open person.

#4 War; You are an organised spectator that tends to be very analytical. You are skilled in logic and believe in balance. A business person at heart.

#5 Fate; A caring person who cares for your friends. Your beliefs are strong and sometimes causes conflicts. People tend to come to you for help when they need it.

#6 Satan; A straightforward, and sometimes cold person. You are very blunt, right to the point. Everything isn't black and white, things arn't that simple. You are often looked up to and you don't even know it.

#7 Time; Outcast of the society, you are overlooked, yet you want to help those with the knowledge you have that they need. You are almost always overlooked and people find you very odd and don't understand you. You're in your own world..

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