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Oy, I sound like a big pussy

But I'm not, honest. I normally enjoy some good quality pain... but not this ... ouch...

Han628: I sat on the toilet with my foot under cold water for 20 mins
Han628: didn't do anything
Han628: To get ice I'd have to get up, limp to car, limp into store (probably slip and fall), limp back to car, limp into house while trying to carry bag of ice, limp to bed and drop the whole damn bag on my foot
Han628: I'm about to do it anyway though
Han628: ;_;
Han628: I normally like pain
Han628: I enjoy it
Han628: But not this
Han628: this is too much
Han628: I can't .... absorb it
Han628: dunno how to explain it
Han628: just kinda focus on the pain
Han628: like when you get a bruise
Han628: push on it for a minute
Han628: and focus on it
Han628: and it goes away
Han628: doesn't hurt anymore
Han628: just like getting used to cold water I guess
Han628: Make it worse, get used to it
Han628: then let go and you don't even notice it anymore
Han628: but not this
Han628: it hurts too much without even touching it :/
Han628: Thanks for letting me chew your ear off
Han628: Now go have fun or something
Han628: :-P
Han628: Have fun for the two of us! Make up for my lack of fun!

Now go! Do a jig in my honor!
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