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I sprained my F*&#ing ankle playing basketball at work today. And kept playing on it for a while like a stupid moron. It didn't hurt so bad at first, but now if it touched anything my whole ankle flares up in pain.

I had jumped up to block a shot... got some good air, probably the highest I've jumped in a long time, and when I landed my left foot didn't land square and my ankle just buckled sideways. But I didn't fall, I landed on my ankle sideways with my full weight... stood on it. Didn't hurt too much after walking around for a couple minutes, but now.. omg this hurts 100x worse than when I broke my arm. Oy. -_-

I hope Jason has some pain killers, I'm going over there tonight. Picking up David V on the way, I'm going to get an AMV tutorial session. Should be fun, if this stupid ankle doesn't ruin the night for me -_-

More to come. ;_;
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