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The past two days I have eaten 1) Peanut butter crackers, 2) Bugles (just now), 3) A bagel. Fear my eating habits. Maybe tonight I'll eat dinner. And sleep (I went to bed by 12 last night! ... still nowhere near enough though, I'm lagged behind).

I really should take better care of myself. And now that softball season is over (at least for a couple weeks before the next one), I need to pick up another sport or something to keep myself active. But I've lost motivation.

Ran my first race in the new Monday night racing league I'm in last night. I spun myself out early, ruined the handling of my car and struggled for a while until repairs could be made. Eventually worked my way back up to 6th when a caution came out with 5 laps to go. We restarted with 1 to go, and I passed 3 people on the outside on the last lap (at Vegas), then watch a multicar wreck in my mirror as I skated unchallenged to third. For how much I don't like Las Vegas, I am _very_ happy with the finish. I'm going to make a short video of the last lap (no music or anything) just so you all can see it if you're interested. for more info on the league.
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