Carlos (tallon29) wrote,

Big room... little talent.

Ah, another long weekend. Mostly good, though.

Had a long, bad day Friday due to work. Monday (today) has the potential to be just as bad, as well. Hopefully I can prevent it from being so.

I slept very in Saturday, my apologies to Bianca, Jason, Sam, etc for arriving to the Megacon so utterly late in the afternoon, but I really needed the sleep. Hanging out with Bianca was a blast on Saturday.Saw a lot of material in the Dealer's room which was either overpriced, undesirable, or already purchased (due to how late I arrived). After it closed we watched some anime, saw a very brief bit of cosplay (some of which was horrendous, but some of which was also very good. Was very impressed by a Galaxia outfit which I believe won it all.) Then saw some more anime/AMVs, after which Cyberia (a dance club type room) opened up. THAT is a social situation I may be entirely incapable of handling. It also may just be lack of experience.

Then went to Jason's house (Bianca went home, which was good because it would've been unsafe for her to stay out too late... wish you didn't live an hour away, but such is life). Had a good time at Jason's. Some good laughs, met some new people, slept on his couch.

Woke up Sunday with about half the sleep I should've gotten. We shipped off to the con very early because Jason, Sam, and Paul (a new person I met at Jason's) actually work at the con with JACO, so we had to get everything done early. Apart from the AMV showing and a bit of good anime, I felt extremely out of place for most of the day. Very alone amongst so many people. A convention like this is a very good opportunity to just watch people and take in life, though, so that was good, however cold it may have felt. Once things began to shut down, though, I was able to be useful and meet a handful of new people (mostly from JACO) who all seemed very worth knowing for each their own reason. It seems like a good team they have. Very admirable. (Pardon my lack of sentence structure.) After packing up was done, went out to dinner at Bahama Breeze with: *gasp* Jason, Sam, Paul, the couple form the previous night who I VERY ASHAMEDLY CAN'T REMEMBER THEIR NAMES (I hate my lack of memory ;_; ), the President of JACO and all-around cool guy, and a woman who I believe was named Katie. It was the first time I had met her, and she seemed like a _very_ nice person, although on the quiet side. Had great food, then went back to Jason's with Sam (of course) and Paul who was staying with Jason (perhaps only for the weekend?) Paul reminded me very much of myself in High School at times, but he is also very much his own person, so that is good.

On the way back to Jason's we picked up a fellow by the name of David Violence who I've heard _much_ about over the past 2 visit's to Jason's. At Jason's we did misc watching of videos on PCs and joking about. I left his place just before 3, took David (Dave?) home, then headed home myself.

Now here I sit at 4 AM, needing to get up in 2 hours, reflecting on the past weekend. I got to spend some very nice quality time with Bianca (Happy Birthday by the way! See you next weekend for the party :) and others, and also got to many (originally typed 'mean' O_o) new people from all over the spectrum. I brought home from the con an Escaflowne wallscroll and a fantastic Spooky: The Thing What Squeaks toy/thing (hooay for Jhonen Vasquez!). I also brought home an immense desire to attempt to make my own AMV (Anime Music Video). I'm going to give it a shot, we'll see how it turns out. I really wish a few other people could've been there, especially today (Sunday).

I really want to write more, but am nodding off. More may come later this evening, if I'm up to it. Night.
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