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and understanding, one must always share proposed conclusions with others to get input from other points of view. I'm going to share a conversation I had with Fabrice in order to hopefully gain additional input/ideas on the topic at hand. Please, if you have any opinions or thoughts on what is said, share it. Preferably here, if you're so inclined, so that we can all discuss it together. If this is of no interest to you, no need to read.

Han628: You have a gift for putting together the most amazing metaphors. You make some brilliant connections.
Zero Gs 17: hm?
Zero Gs 17: whatcha mean?
Han628: In your writing. You have come up with some fantastic analogies over all of the things I've read of yours. I think it's part of what makes your writing so desirable to read
Han628: You can form relations that then can be related to by anyone.
Han628: Very impressive
Zero Gs 17: haha, thanks carlos
Zero Gs 17: I appreciate it
Zero Gs 17: I don't really remember what I wrote about
Zero Gs 17: what did you gain from it?
Zero Gs 17: if you don't mind me asking
Zero Gs 17: maybe I’ll learn something
Zero Gs 17: sometimes, I feel like a messenger
Han628: I'm not through yet
Zero Gs 17: I just say the message
Han628: Felt the urgent need to share my opinion ^_^;

after reading his most recent entry

Han628: Emotion is a concept?
Han628: How so?
Zero Gs 17: tell me what love is.
Han628: I admire your ability to be openly vulnerable.
Han628: Because something is indescribable, it therefore is only an idea? That's a big leap.
Han628: Emotion and logical thought do not exist on the same plane
Zero Gs 17: heart and mind
Zero Gs 17: are they the same thing
Zero Gs 17: or not?
Zero Gs 17: what is logic?
Zero Gs 17: why can't logic be just another form of emotion
Zero Gs 17: people say it all the time
Zero Gs 17: I’m sorry
Han628: Language and reason are logic.
Zero Gs 17: I’m feeling very logical
Han628: So am I
Zero Gs 17: see what I mean?
Zero Gs 17: logic = emotion
Han628: No. Logic is parallel to emotion
Han628: But they are not one and the same
Han628: Our logical minds are the result of our needs to communicate
Han628: Before we knew to speak, we did not think
Han628: We only felt
Han628: Emotion is our internal, native language
Han628: Think to yourself without using words
Han628: Without forming sentences
Han628: You can't. Language is engrained din us. It is how we think
Han628: And our logical mind is the summation of our experience
Han628: The assumptions we make on a daily basis
Han628: But emotion has always been there
Han628: You can feel without words
Han628: You can feel beyond words
Han628: Do you agree?
Han628: We fumble about and are vulnerable, because we have no method to communicate this emotion. We have no way to express to another our true thoughts, ungarbled by language
Zero Gs 17: interesting
Han628: Except through indescribable bonds
Zero Gs 17: So now we use logic
Zero Gs 17: as a bridge
Zero Gs 17: to emotion
Zero Gs 17: then?
Han628: Yes
Han628: But there is another bridge
Zero Gs 17: because we've lost how to tap?
Han628: Understanding someone, knowing someone without needing to speak. The other bond is love
Han628: And through love we can communicate emotion.
Han628: Directly
Han628: When it is shared on both sides
Han628: Or so my theory goes :-\
Han628: Haven't been able to test that last part
Han628: :-\
Zero Gs 17: heh, it's the silence thing I was talking about
Han628: Yes
Zero Gs 17: not having to say anything at all
Han628: It's exactly that
Zero Gs 17: and through that
Zero Gs 17: achieving love
Zero Gs 17: and emotion
Han628: Because it's not thoughts you are communicating
Zero Gs 17: and something deeper
Han628: It is emotion
Han628: The language of the soul
Han628: Do you agree? Does it make sense? Does it fit with your experience?
Zero Gs 17: hm? oh I never quite know what I agree with
Zero Gs 17: because tomorrow I might feel differently
Zero Gs 17: but it makes sense
Han628: Very well then, does it feel true?
Zero Gs 17: I mean the difference between logic and emotion yeah
Zero Gs 17: but in a way it's still parallel
Han628: They are both languages
Zero Gs 17: and therefore
Zero Gs 17: still true
Zero Gs 17: Love is a concept
Zero Gs 17: that we try to put into words
Zero Gs 17: by calling it love
Zero Gs 17: see, I wasn't saying, that you know
Zero Gs 17: there is no love
Han628: concept: Something formed in the mind; a thought or notion
Han628: Emotion is not the product of the mind
Han628: I suppose the word "Love" is, though
Han628: Is that what you meant?
Zero Gs 17: yeah
Zero Gs 17: there you go.
Zero Gs 17: Love is just a word.
Zero Gs 17: happiness is just a word.
Zero Gs 17: but the emotion is true
Zero Gs 17: and therefore
Zero Gs 17: I think you have constant access to it.
Zero Gs 17: you have constant access to love.
Zero Gs 17: because it's true
Zero Gs 17: and it's there.
Zero Gs 17: you just have to be able to tap into it
Zero Gs 17: without words
Zero Gs 17: without attachments
Zero Gs 17: just the emotion
Zero Gs 17: no more bridges
Han628: It is hard to do alone.
Han628: Without bridges, without attachments, one can feel very, very alone.
Han628: Or at least I do.
Zero Gs 17: No I agree
Han628: And with feeling alone also come feeling vulnerable
Zero Gs 17: but I think it's possible
Zero Gs 17: heh funny, how people confuse that
Zero Gs 17: that being alone will leave them invulnerable
Han628: Ah
Han628: Yes
Han628: It is quite the opposite
Han628: There is a problem there, though
Zero Gs 17: hm?
Han628: In being alone and vulnerable
Han628: To cure one you must cure both
Han628: But it requires intervention to do so.
Han628: I believe

Zero Gs 17: oh by the way

I said

"all just ideas. are our lives just shaped by ideas? and if so, where did these ideas originate from? just fooling around with stuff till we actually believed it?"
Zero Gs 17: see, emotion
Zero Gs 17: the stuff that originated before we actually believed it.

Please, discuss.

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