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I love Chess

I haven't played much chess in a while, but I was kicked off the system here at work by the automated night jobs and needed something to pass the time, so I played a game. I'm pretty good at chess, but I'm not spectacular or anything. So anyway I joined the first open game, which was against a player rated about 1475. I still had a provisional ranking because I had not played 20 games on Yahoo yet, but my unofficial ranking was just over 1300 (I was 11-1).

The game was amazing. He was very aggressive as white, setting up a strong wall with his pawns. He was up for nearly the entire game, both in piece count and in position on the board. However, with VERY careful play, some deception and misdirection, I was able to pull a fast one on him :) He quit before the game was finished properly (no honor) but I was the clear victor. The transcript is in the lj-cut below, in case some of you might be interested in playing it out and maybe making any suggestions.

I'd love to play chess with any one of you. Just reply here or IM me and we'll set up a game.

;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game
;White: pireaus2003
;Black: tall0nosc
;Date: Fri Feb 07 21:07:40 PST 2003

1. e2-e4 d7-d5
2. e4-e5 e7-e6
3. d2-d4 b8-c6
4. c2-c3 g7-g6
5. g1-f3 f8-h6
6. h2-h4 h6xc1
7. d1xc1 c6-a5
8. b2-b3 b7-b5
9. b3-b4 a5-c4
10. a2-a4 c8-a6
11. f3-g5 f7-f6
12. g5xe6 d8-e7
13. e6-c5 a6-c8
14. f2-f4 f6xe5
15. d4xe5 g8-h6
16. a4xb5 c4-b6
17. c5-a6 c8xa6
18. a1xa6 b6-c4
19. f1-e2 h6-f5
20. e2xc4 d5xc4
21. b1-d2 g6-g5
22. h4xg5 h8-f8
23. a6-f6 f8xf6
24. g5xf6 e7-f7
25. d2-e4 f7-g6
26. h1-f1 g6xg2
27. f6-f7+ e8-e7
28. e4-g5 h7-h5
29. e5-e6 g2-d5
30. c1-d2 d5xb5
31. f1-g1 a7-a5
32. d2-c2 f5-e3
33. c2-e4 e3-c2+
34. e4xc2 a5xb4
35. c2-b2 b5-c5
36. b2xb4 c5xb4
37. c3xb4 a8-a1+
38. e1-f2 a1xg1
39. f2xg1 c4-c3
40. g5-f3 c3-c2
41. f3-g5 c2-c1+
42. g1-g2 c1xf4
43. g5-h7 f4-g4+
44. g2-f2 g4-f5+

Back to work :( (yes I'm still here at 12:23 AM .... :( )
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