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mmmmm...... Sluuuurrrrpeeeeee..... *sip*

Work is killing me today ... and it will tonight and for the rest of the week. But it'll be worth it once it's over and done with. Plus I have a pair of projects for myself now, one of them being the monumental task of organizing my MP3s before the next LAN so that I don't end up refilling my hard drive with old stuff.

My lunchtime nap saved me today. I was a goner without it for sure. I missed yesterday's due to someone ordering Chinese... even Chinese food wouldn't have kept me from my nap today. I really need to start getting to bed at a reasonable hour, but there's just so much to do and so little time to do it. I need to get some back somewhere, and missing some sleep is the easiest way. I haven't been missing some sleep, though, I've been missing quite a bit. Missing more than I'm getting. I'd say, apart from the weekends, I'm average 3.5 hours of sleep per night, and then a 45-minute nap about noon of I can make it that long. But then I guess at least one night a week I fall asleep at my computer involuntarily at a reasonable hour, so I should factor that in.

Gah, falling behind on work typing all of this. No friends' entries this morning, which is a bit unusual. I really need to get some friends in freakish time zones so I can read while at work.
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