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You know how earthquakes happen? massive pieces of rock floating on magma are constantly pushing against each other. These rocks are the sizes of continents, or even larger. They are always there, always pushing, with more energy and friction that we could ever imagine. And once in a while they slip- an eight of an inch here, a half inch there, sometimes even a few feet, and the lives of millions in some state or some coutry are all changed forever. How do you account for something like that? How do you prepare yourself for the Earth moving underneath you? You don't. But I wonder, if on those days, 500,000 people wake up with a knot in their stomach. A feeling like today, something is going to happen. Today is different, it will not be like every other day. And they dismiss it. And they never see another day. They never see another sunrise, they never see another loved one, they never hear another song. All because they kept it to themself. They didn't tell their loved one, something is wrong. Something doesn't feel right. And their loved one didn't respond, then stay home. Don't drive to work today on that busy freeway over that big bridge. Stay home with me and we'll drink tea and have a food fight and make fun of soap operas and live life as best we can.

And then I realize, that 6 billion people woke up to the sunrise today. Six billion. Six billion people who dodge such incidents, such twists of fate countless times per day. That's six thousand million people. Six thousand thousand thousand people. And there is a purpose for each and every one of them.

And then I wonder, is there? Is there purpose? Well, I truely, 100% believe there is a purpose for each and every person that exists. Whether it is divinely written or only self-deduced I don't claim to know, but who is to say what that purpose is. Who is to say what each and every one of those six billion peoples' purposes are? Have you ever slowed in your car to notice and smile at some children playing, only to see someone up ahead swerve over two lanes while in a hurry to get wherever it is that's more important to them than the lives and safety of others? Have you ever thought, what if the purpose of those children was only to slow me down today? What if, in Nature's or God's or Chaos' own way, things were orchestrated in such a manner to prevent me from being 20 feet ahead of my current position on this road in this car on this day on my way to this place from this home in this city with these parents in this country.. on this planet? Isn't that insanely arrogant? But I think it, I wonder about it. And I wonder, then, if by some strange chance that is true, what happens from here? Everything they do from then on, is their own. There is no more plan, no more purpose. Everything else is just extra credit. But they may spend their entire life searching for a purpose that they'd never know. They may change nations with the flick of their tongue, never knowing that is was just some boy on some road decades ago who never amounted to anything. And how many times per day do we narrowly miss such disasters?

Something is going to happen. Soon. I can feel it.

But what?
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