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Totally Innocent -
Some how or another, you have managed to keep
yourself pure. Woo whoo for you!!! People could
call you naive, and probably laugh when you
ask, "Come(cum)? Come where?" Don't
worry, this wont last forever, you'll get your
innocence ripped away sooner or later.

Are you innocent? (Male Version)
brought to you by Quizilla

Not if I can help it! I'm proud to be ignorant in that regard. Must keep my mind and heart pure of pollutants.

I'm behind on a project I'm working on for work. No sleep for me tonight.

Man Rocket Arena 3 is addicting. And a blast! I would never have expected it, but it's so challenging and I'm so competitive that I guess the two just mix. Less than two weeks now to the LAN, how I can get somewhat decent before then.

Less than two weeks to something else, too. Ah, well, if I can just get clear of this it's smooth sailing until Halloween again.

Oh well work to do. I'll be on AIM late if anyone wants to talk.
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