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Morning! Well, this is my much anticipated [guffaw] LiveJournal!

*takes a bow*

While I certainly need to do some redecorating, this will hopefully house many an entertaining (and perhaps insightful) link to various interviews, articles, news stories, videos, etc. I'm sure bits of my personality will leak through as well, and of course you'll be spoonfed countless amounts of information concerning many of my strange interests.

I'm a big racing fan, and there was a very unfortunate death at Lowe's (formerly Charlotte) Speedway yesterday morning during their first practice for the week. This link will show you a video of the accident (just choose your player). As the reporter describes, you are seeing a man die here, so it's not for the squeamish (although the footage itself isn't very graphic). The article concerning the events is here.

Below is a conversation I had with a racing buddy after hearing the news. I hope he doesn't mind me leaving his name in, but I thought it was a good conversation, so I'm going to share it. My AIM handle is Han628, by the way.

Han628: Yes, I already posted
Han628: Very sad
Han628: :-(
trophyguy80: it will never stop huh
Han628: No, no matter what we do, no matter how safe we make them on the drawing board, they are built by humans
Han628: And humans make mistakes
Han628: Not that this was due to a mistake, but you've really got to think about how fragile the human body is
Han628: We snap like twigs. We're ragdolls
Han628: a simple change im blood pressure can cause permanant brain damage
Han628: You can trip and fall on the way out the door in the morning, and it be all over
Han628: Everything
Han628: You can't avoid deaqth, you can only hope to understand it
Han628: And live your life with no regrets
trophyguy80: very well put my friend
Han628: I sometimes wonder if it's better not to see it coming. But I think that's selfish
Han628: I sometimes wonder if I sometimes wonder too much ;-)
trophyguy80: nothing wrong with wondering
trophyguy80: life aint fair I've realized
Han628: But life isn't about fair
Han628: Life is about living. Nothing more
Han628: The more complex you try and make it, the more it loses it's real meaning
Han628: Until you're so caught up in fulfilling all these meaningless goals, that you can never catch up

While were on the subject of death ( :( ), a 24-year-old Korean man died 2 days ago in an internet cafe after gaming for 86 hours straight..

That's enough sadness for one post :(
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