Carlos (tallon29) wrote,

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*looks at clock*

Oy, today is going very slow. I have a lot of work here that I'm not focusing on, which means I'll be working tonight/over the weekend to catch up. Something's just been wrong with me the past couple days; I've been very detached and distant. Maybe it's just that I've gotten too much sleep the past few days, but maybe not. I fell asleep last night in my office chair again, which is OK because I love my office chair, but I really need to get into some type of rythm with my sleeping habits, so that I'm not always either too rested or too tired. But of course it's Friday, so I'll be up until near (or past) sunrise tomorrow morning, and then I'll sleep until noon or later. I need a job working nights, so that I can stop fighting my body and just go with it. But that won't happen, so I'll have to adapt. -_-
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