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Forgot my wallet AND cell phone at home today ..... no food/drinks/phone calls today for me :(

Well, at least I have my Pocky and Mango pudding mini-cup things. Those can last me the day.

[name ]: Carlos Alexander Moll
[ nicknames ]: Tallon
[ born in ]: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
[ resides in ]: Orlando, Florida
[ age] : 20
[ first day on planet] : Don't know when I was conceived (and don't want to >_<; ), but I was born October 30th, 1982
[ eyes ]: Pure dark brown
[ shoe size ]: 14 or so, depending on manufacturer
[height]: 6'2"/6'3"

~* Last time you... *~
[ had a nightmare ]: Dreaming at all is a rarity. I live my nightmares.
[ ate at mcdonald's ]: Actually a couple of nights ago, although before that it was a long while. Their chicken nuggets are good once in a while :)
[ dyed your hair ]: Nope. It's black when wet, brown when dry
[ brushed your hair ]: Comb
[ cried ]: Every once in a while
[ called someone ]: A couple days ago.
[ smiled ]: Last night
[ laughed ]: Last night
[ talked to an ex ]: Don't have any

~* Do you... *~
[ have sex? ]: That's a big negative :D
[ have a dream that keeps coming back? ]: No
[ remember your first love? ]: Yes
[ still love him/her? ]: If you can stop it, it never existed.
[ read the newspaper? ]: Used to. Not going to pay for it for myself when it's all free online.
[ like the taste of alcohol? ]: That's also a big negative
[ have any secrets? ]: While I don't always volunteer information, I don't have anything to hide from anyone. Ask and you shall receive.
[ have any pets? ]: My dog back in Miami, Canela
[ talk to Strangers who instant message you? ]: I'll talk to anyone if they wish to listen. If not, just say so :)
[ wear hats? ]: Baseball caps
[ have any piercings? ]: No
[ have any tattoos? ]: No
[ hate yourself? ]: I question myself. Hate is too strong a word for me to use on anyone.
[ collect anything? ]: Yeah, several different things. My favorites being wallscrolls and OSC books, but also MP3s, music videos, DVDs... maybe that's it
[ have any bad habits? ]: Everyone does. Impatience probably being my biggest one.
[ care about looks? ]: I'm not allowed to until I care more about my own. It wouldn't be fair.
[ boy/girlfriend's looks? ]: Haven't had the pleasure
[ friends and other people? ]: ...uh... what? Yes, I have friends and other people.

~* Current... *~

[ dress ]: Black slacks, black polo shirt thing.
[ mood ]: Not real good this morning. Must work on it.
[ Fave make-up ]: eh heh ... not for me :D
[ music ]: Listening to the Johnboy & Billy radio show. Wholesome and funny. I can't stand some people on the radio who get their humor from putting others down.
[ taste ]: Pocky? Pocky!
[ hair ]: NEEDS TO BE CUT. Comed and stuck, as usual.
[ annoyance ]: Ignorance, and my own failings.
[ smell ]: uh ... Old spice? and computers?
[ thought ] Answering your survey. I like these because it allows me to share things I normally wouldn't.
[ book ]: Orson Scott Card is the greatest author I've ever had the honor of reading.
[ fingernail color ]: Natural :P
[ Refreshment ]: None at the moment. If I had my wallet, it'd be a Siegram's (sp?) Ginger Ale from the machine at work
[ worry ]: I worry about far too much
[ Favorite Celebrity ]: After watching an excerpt from Snatch again the other day, I'd have to say Brad Pitt. A few years ago I wasn't too fond of him, but as an actor over the past couple years he has chosen some unique roles and amazed me with his performances.

~* Who do you want to... *~

[ kill ]: I hope nobody ever answers this question.
[ slap ]: Nobody at the moment.
[ tickle ]: Anyone who is ticklish. FEAR MY WRATH
[ talk to ]: Anyone and everyone
[ look like ]: No preference
[ have sex with(famous) ]: Not for me, at least not at this point in my life.
[ kiss ]: I'd be terrified :D

~* Random... *~

[ Ass ] : Donkey
[ Love ] : Pocky!
[ color ] : Black
[ jeans ] : I have two pairs, but I only wear them when everything else is dirty. I like to just wear slacks.
[ animal ] : Dog
[ sexy ] : Varies
[ porn ] : o_o;;;
[ balls ] : Footballs
[ monkey ] : Turn, punch, kick! Was Parappa a monkey or just a sad, sad little man? It's been so long
[ quote ] : a random quote: " Be quiet, Brain, or I'll stab you with a Q-tip!" -Homer Simpson

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