Carlos (tallon29) wrote,

In spite of all the great games that have been released in the past few months, and my racing addiction, I find that Madden 2003 is taking up more and more of my time. Compound that with the fact that I'll be here next Saturday, and I could use all the practice I can get. I had my world ranking in Madden up to 195 at one point, but after a series of disappointing games, I had fallen back to the high 300s. Last night, however, I went 5-for-5, and have pushed back up inside the Top 250 to 247. Although I'm sure my odds at actually winning in Tampa next weekend are extremely slim, I'd like to make it as far as I can. If you own a copy of Madden2003, you can view my stats in-game. My ID is Han628 (you can use your AIM IDs since EA Online is run by AOL).

I will thoroughly embarrass Dan tomorrow at the LAN party that I attend once a month, hopefully kicking off a week of intense Madden goodness before leaving next Friday night for the west coast.

If anyone wouldn't mind me abusing their bandwidth one (or 5) nights next week, let me know as I'd be glad to bring over Madden and my gamepad to give you a few online demonstrations.
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