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Steelers :(

The LAN was great once again, although attendance was noticeably lower than I've seen it in 6 months. It seemed to cap out at about 65 people.

I now have 7506 MP3s, total ling over 42 GB. Organizing them should be fun *falls over*

1. Name: Carlos Alexander Moll
2. Name Backwards: solraC
3. Does your name mean anything? Strong/Strength, King
4. Were you named after anyone? My Uncle in Spain, or the King of Spain. Not sure :D
5. Nickname(s): Tallon
6. Screen Name(s): Han628
7. Date of Birth: October 30th, 1982
8. Place of Birth: Bethlehem, PA
9. Nationality: American (My mother is from Spain, but I'm 100% USA)
10. Current Location: Briar Creek Apts, just off Semoran Blvd (436) in Orlando, FL
11. Sign: Scorpio
12. Religion: Undecided
13. Height: 6' 2" / 6 '3"
14. Weight: Not sure. Just to guess, 280? On the way down, anyway.
15. Shoe size: 14
16. Hair Color: Brown and shiny when natural, black when wet or with gel
17. Eye Color: Dark brown
18. Innie/Outie: Innie
19. Righty/Lefty/Ambidextrous: Everything right, except I bat left.
20. Gay/Straight/Bi/Other: Straight, with the possible exception of Tetsuko ;)

Who is Your . . .?

21. Best friend(s) of the same sex: SOL (minus one)
22. Best friend you trust more than anyone: I've been blessed with several people whom I trust implicitly
23. Best friend(s): I refuse to offend anyone.
24. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Haven't had the pleasure.
25. Crush:
26. Parents: Scott and Isabel
27. Worst Enemy: Ignorance
28. Funniest Friend: Ah, I laugh at everything ^_^;
29. Craziest Friend: I put the others to shame :)
30. Advice Friend: While I've occasionally seeked outside input, my issues are handled internally 99.9% of the time.
31. Loudest friend: With some people, I'm the loudest. With others, the quietest. I'm the loudest most of the time, though.

Do You Have ...

32. Any sisters? 1, Amanda, age 14
33. Any brothers? No
34. Any pets? 1 dog, Canela
35. A disease? None official
36. A pager? No
37. A personal phone number? My apartment and cellular phones. Feel free to post if you need either, whether you know me or not.
38. A leather jacket with studs? ?
39. A heroin needle? That's a big negative.
40. A pool or hot tub? The apartment complex has both
41. A car? 2000 Nissan Maxima with all the options but the sunroof

Describe Your...

42. Personality: Not consistant enough to classify. Varies by individual
43. Car: Dark green, with leather interior and wood trim. I feel ashamed sometimes for buying something so expensive.
45. Shoes: 1 pair, black sneaker/dress shoe combinations. Will need to get cleats this week for softball, though.
46. School: Done with that, although I'm thinking about getting back to take a few night courses next year. Anyone up for some Japanese night courses?
48. Relationship with parent(s): Pretty steady now that I've moved out. I've never felt so strange as going back to my old home after being gone for a month. Or so uncomfortable. Or so grateful. But then I think too much :)

Do You...

49. Believe in yourself? I tend to be realistic in my goals, but I am also very capable of overachieving when need be.
50. Believe in love at first site? Yes.
51. Consider yourself a good listener? I've been given a gift to understand people that I've yet to encounter anyone else with. It is here for me to share with everyone I encounter.
52. Consider yourself a good friend? I hope so, but I'm very open to criticism, so let me have it.
53. Save email conversations? I save all non-spam email. I also save memorable IM conversations with some people.
54. Pray? At times, but I like to think of it more as conversing.
55. Believe in reincarnation? I haven't gotten that far yet ^_^;;
56. Like to make fun of peoples? I love to joke around, so I'd say yes, but only with those who know I'm joking and will ream me in return :)
57. Like to talk on the phone? With some people, I can't get off it quick enough. With most, I could listen all day. With a rare few can I talk as much as listen (without just answering questions)
58. Like to drive? Hell yes.
59. Get motion sickness? No
60. Eat the stems of broccoli? Not a fan of the little trees :(
61. Eat chicken fingers with a fork? I'm a hands-on kinda guy :D
62. Dream in color? I haven't dreamt in years. Nothing that I remember, anyway, except for occasional flashes of deja vu
63. Type with your fingers on home row? Half-on, half-off.
64. Sleep with a stuffed animal? I don't have one

What Is/Are/Was...

65. Right next to you: There is too much crap on my desk right now to list. I'm leaning on my steering wheel, typing on my keyboard, and you'll just have to be happy with that.
66. On the walls of your room? A wallscroll. I need more for the bedroom!
67. On your mouse pad: A big 29
68. Dream Car: The more computerized, the better :)
69. Dream Date: Not enough data to respond accurately.
71. Dream Husband/Wife: Now that's just silly. I don't want to go on a rant here, but if you're not with the person you wish to be spending the rest of your life with, why are you wasting your (and their) time? This is one question I have yet to understand the answer to.
72. Bedtime: Varies. Tired is my drug of choice.
73. Under your bed: For once in my life, nothing.
74. The single most important question: Why?
75. Your bad time of day: It usually takes me a bit to get going in the morning.
76. Worst Fear: At this point in my life, intimacy.
77. Weather: Cloudy and cool. I love it.
78. Time: 2:11 AM
79. Date: January 13, 2003
80. Best trick you ever played on someone: I'm not so much of a trick person.
81. Weirdest Food/Drink: Guacamoli (spelling?) scares me.
82. Theme Song: I've had 2 for a very long time, but they seem less appropriate as time passes. They were Komm, Susser Tod and I Am A Rock
83. Hardest thing about growing up: The frustration realized when some people never do (mentally... for the heart, not growing up is encouraged :)
84. Funniest experience: Oh my, too many to list
86. Silliest thing you said: I hope someone else can chime in with an answer to this and the previous question
87. Funniest/Desperate thing you've done to get somebody's attention: Don't think I have an answer for this one
88. Craziest thing ever that's ever happened with your friends: Or this one.
89. Worst feeling in the world: There is no such thing as a bad feeling. Any feeling at all is to be cherished.
90. Best feeling in the world: If you had asked me this in the past, I might have mentioned Q-tips. Now, I think I may be closer to answering this for real.
91. College?: Some
92. Your future job?: We'll see.
93. Your future pad: We'll see.

Maybe I'm just sick, but I wish those things were longer. If someone ever finds a REALLY long quiz thing that I can answer and save, and then just update a smy answers change, I'd appreciate it.

I really need to get to bed, but it's almost 2:30 AM and I haven't even started my laundry. Work will be fun tomorrow morning ;)
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