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From reddit:

When my feet hit the platform, I didn't dare look back.
For a moment I considered jumping on that red-shelled shit to get across, but he never came closer. Just paced back and fucking forth in the same gawd damn spot.
There was no way we would make it across together. The moment I realized what had to be done, I acted quickly, before I actually processed what I was about to do. I led Yosh forward and instantly felt her tense up.
She knew.
She knew, and still she did it.
We jumped.
For a moment we felt as light as a feath...dammit where's a fucking feather when you need it.
We floated.
We flew.
But what felt like an eternity, was really only a few seconds. I concentrated on that platform to keep my thoughts from killing me. I told myself, "there will be others," but I knew was only cheating myself.
When my feet hit the platform, I didn't dare look back.
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