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I try not to talk about WoW very much because I know there are many out there who have an aversion to it, but I have to today. I've been in a casual raiding guild for several years now and ended up leading it at the start of this year after about half of the guild split off to form their own hardcore raiding guild. We rebuilt the guild and cleared everything including Sarth 3D 10 & 25 before patch 3.1. Now in Ulduar, it took us a few more weeks than it probably should have, but last night we finally killed Yogg-Saron in 25 man.

We keep a light schedule, only raiding 2 nights per week, and it's just been an incredibly gratifying experience to lead a guild through all of the trials and tribulations that strike any volunteer organization. I'd really like to sincerely thank all of you on my friends list for the opportunity to participate in JACON over the years which was fantastic for me personally and professionally as a growing and learning experience.
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