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I should start putting something in these empty boxes

Ah, I went to sleep at a reasonable hour last night, and although I'm still a few dozen hours behind my quota for the past 7 days, I feel refreshed this morning. Don't worry, it won't last :)

I won't be online after Thursday night until late Sunday due to my trip back "home" for the OR LAN. Get your weekend punches in early this week :P

Yesterday was an adventure-filled day for several reasons, one of which is the ignorance of one of the users here at work. Upon encountering an error message in our system, instead of asking me what to do, she decided we would all be better off if she just guessed at how to respond to it. Well she chose the "Dump" option thinking (part of the problem right there) that it would dump the error to the printer (?) so she could bring it to me (this story was probably just crap). What she did do was try and dump all active memory to the hard disk which in turn allocated more disk space than was available and locked up any active programs involving the HD. About an hour and a half of stress later, we tracked down what she did (after our software vendor couldn't figure out what happened and recommended we call IBM), undid it, and almost everything picked back up smoothly. AS/400s can be fun. Yeah.

If that story didn't bore you to sleep and you're fairly knowledgable in the world of computers, many a good laugh can be found here. Talk to you all later :)
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