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I've taken up poker again.  I'd gone and played at the local Ocala poker room intermittently throughout the year, but I hadn't really taken it seriously until a few weeks ago.  I returned home today up again, totalling $900 in winnings over my last 2 trips.  I'm keeping my distance from online poker for now because of how quickly I got caught up in it initially, but starting today I'm going to start a small poker bankroll on the side.

Poker is a hobby that I'd like to perhaps become more than a hobby someday, but I don't want to become consumed by it like I did earlier this year with online poker.  I'm going to start a poker diary (just a simply spreadsheet, really) to keep track of how I do for 2009.  If anyone is interested and would like to arrange a trip to the Hard Rock in Tampa or meet up here some day for some games, I'd like that.  Having someone to socialize with helps to pass the time and keep me disciplined.

I hope everyone had a pleasant Christmas and has a wonderful New Year.  Be safe.
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