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Electoral Polls

Here is an amazing site which shows you how the presidential race is really shaping up. National polls showing the race is close misconstrue reality to bring drama to the race and help media ratings. shows you what the actual election looks like right now using state and local polls to project electoral votes, and now that the DNC and RNC have occurred and the election is really in the public conscience, Obama has taken a massive upswing and McCain a huge downswing in "barely" states.

Here is the current projection with "swing" states uncluded. As the website states, the brown line shows the number of electoral votes required to win the election.

And now here is the graph without the current 11 "swing" states included. The website considers a "swing" state a state where one candidate has less than a 5% lead over the other in polls.

What this shows us (other than how astonishing the gap is) is that Obama only needs to win over 1 or 2 of the swing states to have enough electoral votes to win. McCain needs to win all 11 to have a chance. I will be keeping up with this site until November, and I suggest you do as well.
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