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Haven't updated in a while, so here's a state of the union:

Living in Ocala is actually pretty nice. I love the weather. Mid-day and overnight lows are 10-15 degrees cooler than Orlando. It's been down into the 50s and below every night. We don't even run the air in the apartment, we just leave the patio door open all day which keeps the place cool. We also found a great Japanese restaurant (Tony's Sushi & Steakhouse) which rivals Kanpai & Kobe in food quality. I'm told John Travolta is a regular guest there (Scientology home base is apparently not too far from here).

November/December are always bad months for me from a work perspective. Travelling around the state on weekends for inventories and working on big items for the end of the year take up a lot of my time and generally can be very stressing. The past few days have been draining as I'm rushing to get a big project done by Monday, but other than that the day-to-day grind hasn't been as bad as in years past. I've also been working very hard at getting more organized. Scheduling and recording tasks in Outlook and following up on them rather than working off a legal pad or memory. Using my phone to keep track of tasks and syncing it has been a huge help. Wish I'd done it sooner.

Personal life has been up and down. I'm missing the social aspect of living in Orlando. Having people to hang out with is definitely a good thing! I've been making a conscious effort to give Jess the time and attention she needs on a daily basis, so things there have been much smoother. I've also been trying to be more responsible in doing chores at home which I've found lately can be very therapeutic. Overall I've been feeling much better but still have a lot of things to work out.

Health wise I've been doing pretty good. I have to cancel my latest checkup due to work conflicts but should go in in 2 weeks for another update. I've got out of the habit of exercising everyday which needs to be fixed. Last I went in I had lost over 30 lbs of fat so I can't wait to get another update. People at the other branches during inventories all made comments and most of my clothes are getting way too big on me, so hopefully I can keep it up! That's definitely been very fulfilling for me.

Recreationally, things are going well. Went bowling the other night which was a lot of fun. I love bowling and am toying with the idea of joining one of those 10-week leagues. Also, I've been raiding in WoW most nights and it has been amazing. I'm in a great guild which is really what makes or breaks the WoW experience. I've made some really good friends and have enjoyed the rewards of being in what may be one of the best WoW guilds out there. We're in Black Temple and will make our first serious attempts at the Illidari Council tonight. If we down them, it's just Illidan left to go and we've conquered all of The Burning Crusade until they add more new content. I think someone said we're at a point in progression that only .5% of the general WoW population ever even sees. The teamwork, social, and progression aspects of the game have been great and I am honored to be among such great people. I also hit a personal milestone last night as I broke 3000 damage per second on Essence of Anger in our RoS kill even though my gear still has some glaring holes.

Well, if you read all that I sincerely appreciate it. To help you recover, here's a video I stole from hariko:

Konichiwa Bitches!

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