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Back from Notre Dame

Well I had a great weekend with snackpants! He was nice enough to buy me my first drink, an Irish Car Bomb on Friday night. Also had most of a Guiness (which was way too strong for me!) and then on Sunday a Mimosa with breakfast.

We also got some quality casino time in. I played a bit of poker but spent most of my time on the Blackjack table which was surprisingly fun. I hope to plan a weekend casino trip sometime in the next couple months.

I am by no means a skilled photographer and my camera is pretty plain, but for those who like pictures here is an online album.

The game was entertaining, downtown South Bend was nice, the College Football Hall of Fame was really interesting and entertaining, the casinos were a lot of fun, the flights were smooth, and Ken was great company. It was a successful and much-needed vacation. I hope to take another soon.


In non-vacation news, I have had a few things weighing very heavily on my mind. I really feel like I'm in a lose-lose situation. To use Blackjack as an analogy, I feel like I'm sitting on 16 with the dealer showing a 7. Do I hit and risk busting, or stay and hope the dealer isn't what she appears to be? I made that decision repeatedly over the weekend with only a few moments thought, but the stakes are much higher now. This decision has taken months.

A book I bought and read a large chunk of over the trip has really helped put things in focus for me. It certainly hasn't made the decision any easier, however.

I hope to be more open soon.
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