Carlos (tallon29) wrote,

Well just a mini update. Work is starting to slightly wind down. Had a really rough day today but my checklist items are down to one page which is good. Hopefully I'll have more free time and the energy to do stuff again here soon!

Speaking of energy, this specialized health program that work is putting a dozen of us through is pretty awesome. Over the past 2 weeks alone I have lost 13 pounds. So I'm looking forward to further results along that front.

Uh, other than work and the occasional WoW there's not much else for me to talk about. I've stayed up late the past couple nights raiding and it has been an immense stress relief for me. Silver has taken one for the team and gone to bed early, and then drove us to work in the morning so that I could have that time. I really appreciate it a lot even though I don't say it enough <3

PS - Check out Zombie Superhero Action Figures. Zombie Moon Knight looks pretty badass.
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