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Life finds a way:
"Finding an organism in such a toxic environment is very unexpected," said Dr. Bagwell, who will present a paper about the bacteria - dubbed kineococcus radiotolerans - to the American Societyfor Microbiology next month.
In addition to thriving in the face of normally-lethal radiation, the organism also demonstrates remarkable survival characteristics in terms of its DNA.
"Humans and most organisms can tolerate few breaks in DNA molecules," he said, "but kineococcus radiotolerans has the ability to reassemble itself."
"With this organism, we can take an intact DNA molecule, blast it into little pieces, and in five to six hours the organism is restored and growing normally again," Dr. Bagwell said.

I fully expect zombies to come storming out of that lab any second now.

I had heard about the board game some time ago but had never played it. Well I played it for the first time last week on the 360 and I am addicted. Not only am I addicted, but I'm apparently pretty good at it. I was #2 in the weekly rankings on Monday, but fell to #8 last night after only having enough time to play 3 games. As of midnight last night I was #88 in the overall rankings out of 11,000 people. I would say that's not bad for someone who played the game for the first time less than 2 weeks ago, but that's the beauty of Catan! It's so simple! By the end of your first game, you know everything there is to know about the rules and gameplay. After that it's just a matter of strategy.

The thing I love most about Catan is the sense of "coopetition" there is while playing. Everyone is fighting over the same limited resources, but at the same time you're forced to work together and make mutually beneficial trades of resources if anyone is going to get anywhere. The trading and the sniping and backstabbing is so compelling!

I bought the board game and hope to be able to arrange a session with someone soon. I think the pokerface aspect of playing together in person vs on the 360 or PC will add much to the already strong social component of the game. If anyone would like to set up a game with Jess and I, please let me know!

silverfox777, silvereelve, and I are taking our required gun safety/training courses tonight to get our Concealed Carry permits. I'm a bit nervous but mostly just excited. I should point out that Jess and I both own guns now, something I hadn't mentioned previously on LJ. I have a Beretta 92FS, while Jess has a Walther P22. (High-res pics of mine and hers). I love my 92, but I think it's just too large and heavy to carry. Right now I have my eyes on the compact version of the new Beretta PX4 Storm, but I wouldn't buy anything until I could see and feel it in person.

I need to get back to work now. Perhaps I'll post more later.
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