Carlos (tallon29) wrote,

woohoo! Food AND tupperware for Christmas! AND a Dust Buster! Fear my uncontrollable joy! I did get a nice pool cue from my grandparents (in Pennsylvania) though. Hope you all had a memorable Christmas, last one I had was in Lakeland.

I still haven't figured out why Christmas and I don't get along. Not just in the gift-giving December 25th sense, but the entire season. I just feel so out of place from mid-November until the New Year. Glad to be past it.

The Monday night game was great. My Steelers came through in a big way. High fives all around.

I'm desperate for stimulus. Let me know if you think any central Florida events in the coming weeks might be of interest to me. I'll almost definitely be going to the OR LAN next month.

Please pardon me while I try and make better use of this. Been feeling a bit lately. Must be stopped.

Let me know if you'd be interested in an Orlando New Year. A co-worker gave me a bottle of wine, and I need someone to drink it.
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