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"In 1972, 87 percent of children who lived within a mile of school walkedor biked daily; today, just 13 percent of children get to school undertheir own power, according to the Centers for Disease Control andPrevention. In a significant parallel, before 1980, only 5 percent ofchildren were obese; today that figure has tripled, says the CDC.

Meanwhile, as rates of child abduction and abuse move down, rates ofType II diabetes, hypertension and other obesity-related ailments inchildren move up. That means not all the candy is coming fromstrangers. Which scenario should provoke more panic: the possibilitythat your child might become one of the approximately 100 children whoare kidnapped by strangers each year, or one of the country's 58million overweight adults?"

PS - This whole Don Imus thing is bullshit.
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