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This article perfectly expresses a topic of discussion I had with Jess a few weeks ago. The title is "Why Americans Don't Like Jazz," but it is fundamentally about people who listen to lyrics (Jess) vs people who are "deaf to lyrics" (me). The article is a really interesting read.

I'm sick and tired, so I'll just copy and paste a comment I made on reddit:

I am also "deaf to lyrics" and have a similarly broad taste in music.

I found this article perfectly describes the difference between my wife and I. She loves country music because she listens to the lyrics, where as I can't stand it (generalizing of course) because 90% of it is musically the same very plain musical structure and instrument combinations.

I grew up clasically trained in music where I was a percussionist in a large orchestra at a private music school. I also played in a jazz band and in the pit at musicals.

I find myself having to be careful when the subject of music comes up in a conversation (primarily in a professional setting) because some of the music I listen to can have hateful or nonsensical lyrics. I love System of a Down, NIN, and Mars Volta, for example.
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