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Installed my new 8800 GTS (640 MB) last night. Crazy awesome video card. Was running the LOTRO beta with everything maxed @ 1600x1200 (except stencil shadows, they were at Very High) and it was super smooth. Have to finish building Jess' computer tonight. C2D 6300 with 2 GB RAMand an X1950 Pro. Should be a solid gaming machine.

Good timing, too, because she's having a wisdom tooth out today.

I've got a few movies I want to see this weekend (Reno 911, 23, The Departed on HD-DVD), but I also have a very strong desire to go back out to the Hard Rock in Tampa for some more poker. I went out there last Friday night and ended up +$30 after over 5 hours of playing (fixed $2 table). If I wasn't so tired I would've stayed longer. It was the most fun I've had in a while. Anyone out there interested in going?

Daily WTF image courtesy of reddit:

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