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Because of having to work or travel due to holidays over the past several weeks, this past weekend was the first time I got to sit down and put a lot of time into WoW. I LOVE the new honor system. Getting honor points is a bit of a grind, but it is hard to complain when comparing it to the old system. I did a lot of premade PVPing over the weekend with my guild.

In the new honor system, marks pile up considerably faster than the honor does, so I traded in some excess marks for a Black Battlestrider for my dwarf warrior. I also cashed in my weekend's worth of Honor Points for a GM Handaxe.

Getting the axe was a bit bittersweet because it required basically an entire weekend of honor grinding in BGs and it'll be 3-4 weeks before I can do it again to get another for my offhand. Imagine my glee, then, when a Crul'shorukh dropped off of Nefarian last night! So I'm set as far as weapons are concerned until the expansion. I would still like to get the GM Shoulders and Breastplate before the end of the year if possible (so I have time to level my warlock alt before the expansion), and thanks to the Crul dropping that just became a lot more realistic.

Here is my CTProfile, should you be interested.
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