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We got the key to our new house (renting) yesterday. Went over and scoped it out at lunch today. It's a bit small for a 3 bedroom house, but huge next to our 1 bedroom apartment. We're going to start moving things on a daily basis, with the goal to be finished up and move the big stuff (desks, bed, TV, bowflex, etc) the weekend of the 25th.

The house is in North College Park (between Lee Rd and Fairbanks). Brand new roof, laminate flooring throughout with a new kitchen and bathroom, new washer and drier and even a lawnmower! The plan is to match that up with a new TV and sound system (our TV is beginning to fade and die), and a new (or used) car for Jess within the frst month or two of moving. So if anyone has any recommendations on a TV/receiver/speaker setup or a used (or extremely cheap new) car, please let us know!

The house fits into our current budget thanks to my bonus money wiping out the large majority of our credit card debt. The 2nd car and other extras are in anticipation of a sizable raise that I am expecting in the next 2 weeks or so. I am confident in saying that I am in the best financial situation of my life right now, and I only expect that to improve.

I know I haven't posted much in a long while or really hung out with anyone. I've been in a funk since November with tons of extra work and some financial stresses, but things have really turned around 180 degrees for us in the past 2 months. I appreciate all of my friends' patience and understanding through me becoming a bit distant, but hopefully after this move you'll all come over and hang out some time or another.
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