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System of a Down concert on Tuesday was awesome.

Well, the opening act (Bad Acid Trip) was horrendous. The opened their set with (*)!@JRF*H@ and followed it with ()*#@%U)(!@JNNDUIW. I mean, come on, how could they win with that?

Then Came Mars Voltron. Wow. They stole the show. I had somehow avoided Rob's pressure to listen to them before, but now I haven't been able to STOP listening to them since the concert. They were awesome performers, and the lighting and visuals really complimented their sound and presentation. I was pretty blown away.

Then came SOaD. And being roughly 5 rows from the stage in the pit meant we were in mosh city. The music was great live (although I did expect the physical performance to be a bit more high energy. Mars Volta spoiled me.), and Rob did a great job of helping me to protect Jess from the chaos while I rocked out. I'm not sure how much Rob and especially Jess actually enjoyed SOaD, but I think everyone involved came away glowing about Mars Volta. Seeing SOaD was great for me personally, and being down in the pit really was enjoyable to me, but I don't think it's really Jess' thing.

Either way, Jess and I are very much looking forward to Queens of the Stone Age and NiN in October. We'll be in seats for that one (thanks to Rob for grabbing the tickets for us. wouldn't be going at all without you).
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