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For those of you out there playing Battlefield 2, I should make Corporal sometime this week.

For being an FPS, this game sure has the addictive nature of an RPG with the ranks and awards and stat tracking. I find myself checking multiple times per day to see how I'm doing, and how long I've got until my next rank.

Click the above to see my stats in detail. [edit: Why the hell does their server only go down when I link to it somewhere? It's like some conspiracy to make me look bad.]

Jess hasn't been playing as much lately, she's had to work just about every day due to issues with her manager and co-workers (one's in the hospital, other had a death in the family).

The kitten's been great, but we really need to trim his nails tonight. He can't seem to grasp the difference between long pants and shorts. It's OK when he climbs up your leg and you have long pants on, but when he climbs up your bare leg, it hurts just a bit. The furball's pretty friendly when he wants to be, though, so it's hard to leave him in the oven for long.

Just as an additional note, I for some reason thought of my favorite story this morning on my way in to work, and so I decided to read it again. I hope that it gives you the same refreshing feeling it gives me whenever I read it.
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