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Well now that it's been confirmed real, I am very excited to share the Optimus Keyboard with you all (Stolen from /.).

Frequently Answered Answers about the Optimus keyboard

It's in initial stage of production

We hope it will be released in 2006

It will cost less than a good mobile phone

It will be real

It will be OS-independent (at least it can work in some default state with any OS)

It will support any language or layout

Moscow is the capital of Russia

Each key could be programmed to produce any sequence

It will be an open-source keyboard, SDK will be available

Some day it will be split ('ergonomic')

It will most likely use OLED technology (e-paper is sooo slow)

Our studio is located two blocks from the Kremlin

It will feature a key-saver

Keys will use animation when needed

It has numeric keypad because we love it

There's no snow in Moscow during Summer

It will be available worldwide (why not?)

OEM will be possible (why not?)

Contact us for hi-res images, or interview inquires

A keyboard with OLEDs for keys. Thing just looks amazing.

Click here for high res image of full KB.
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