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Battlefield 2 Stats



This is her second ID, which is why her play time and stats are behind mine.

If they fix the in-game browser (which will be fixed in the next patch, already announced) and the CTDs after a round on some servers, this may very well be the perfect shooter. Fantastic balance, the commander/squad system and built in voice support makes teamwork instantaneous for those who are willing, and the game is just pure fun. It's BF1942 x 1000.

My wife and I are ADDICTED to this game. Hard.

We play on the
Official Gamedaemons # servers pretty much exclusively, as they are
24/7 Strike at Karkand and that's our favorite map.

I'm Lance
corporal, have like 7 gold medals, 5 silver, 4 bronze. The basic combat
for every class along with aviator, vehicle, a couple ribbons, basic
engineering, and some other things. Can't remember it all. Just tried
being a commander for the first time last night and it was a blast. You
can zoom all the way in to where it's like a live satellite feed and
then spot enemy troops and vehicles for your squads. Playing commander
really adds a HUGE new angle to the game.

I'm Tallon730. Wife is
Silvervixen. She plays a medic with the L85A1 (awesome rifle, used it
every game in Raven Shield), and I play pretty much exclusively Special
Ops unless command units need repairing, then I'll switch to Engineer.

halfway to Corporal (takes forever) and wasted my first unlock on the
Assault class G36. Total waste. Yeah it's got more of a punch than the
regular assault M16A2 and is a bit more accurate, but you lose the
scope, the grenade launcher, AND it only has 20 bullets per clip.
Totally not worth it. I'd definitely get the L85 first (medic rifle,
has scope and is ridiculously accurate, plus full auto/semi auto) if I
had to do it again, and then either the sniper rifle (high powered
bolt action for when fighting as MEC or Chinese, their sniper rifles
are half as strong as the USMC) or the engineers auto-shotgun to save
my ass when trying to repair things.

If they'd just fix the CTD
issues, this game would be perfect. The balance between armor and
troops is fantastic. A team who properly utilizes their armor (and air
support) will just about always beat a team that doesn't, but their are
emplacements for taking out armor and air on every map, plus you have
the anti-tank class, the engineers mines, and my favorite the remote
detonated C4 on special ops smile.gif
I love suicide rushing up to an enemy tank, tossing some C4 on the
tracks, and sprinting away as it blows up. Great rush (especially since
I get run over half the time wink.gif )

ANYWAY, I'm hugely addicted to this game. Most complete multiplayer
experience I've ever encountered on the PC. Hell, even my WIFE learned
how to play shooters and is addicted to it right along with me, just
from watching me play this for an hour.

If you don't have it, get it. If you do have it, let's play together some time.
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