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[27 Dec 2002|12:04pm]
PAYDAY! :jig:
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[27 Dec 2002|02:01pm]

Virtual cinematography wipes out the line in the sand between what is real and what looks like the work of a computer. “Anyone who watches movies or TV or just lives their life is the ultimate expert in realism,” Gaeta says. “You know when things are fake. You can just sense it.” But not anymore. Remember that fight scene in “Reloaded” between Neo and the 100 Agent Smiths? Obviously, only one of those Agent Smiths is the real actor, Hugo Weaving—but you won’t be able to tell which one. The other 99, all digital creations, are three-dimensional, photo-realistic copies. They’re not just close approximations. They’re perfect. Their hair ripples, their faces contort, their bodies twist and fight. Now, if Gaeta and his team can create virtual humans, then they can create virtual anything: rooms, vehicles, you name it. And they have. And you’ll never know.
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