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[18 Nov 2002|10:37am]
DAMN, what a weekend! After getting screwed out of a U-HAUL reservation, (thanks for driving me all over town, Alex) Dan and I picked up a Ryder truck on Saturday morning from a guy named Chewey and the landlord lady from Kingpin.

Good times.

We got on the road about 11 AM and arrived on Orlando exactly at 3 PM. It was pouring. On top of that, the cable guy was to show up between 3 and 6 to set up my digital cable and cable internet access (RoadRunner), so we were cutting it close but all I had to do was pick up the key from the information office and we'd be OK on that.

As it turns out, you need to sign and fill out 38 (or was it 42?) forms and sign AND initial them each in 12 places. I was quick though and we pulled around to my new home a little after 3:30. We borrowed some towels from a nice new neighbor in G107 and unloaded everything in what amounted to a fricken monsoon. Thankfully all paintings/computers/ping-pong tables seem to have survived disaster, and are dry as can be.

The apartment is great, and although I have yet to burn anything in the fireplace, the bedroom is almost entirely set up except for stuff on the walls. The dining area is made up entirely of ping-pong table, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it does make it difficult to get into the kitchen. I'll have to keep it folded up unless it's being used.

The living room, however, is covered in boxes. I'll have my work cut out for me this Thursday evening/all day Friday. Also, I'm still in need of a couch, so if you know of anyone looking to get rid of a leather couch for, say, a bag of ramen noodles, let me know. I'd also be willing to buy any non-leather couches, just so we're clear.

The day ended with us killing each other trying to stay awake for the drive home. We almost didn't make it. That stupid friggin Ryder truck barely hit 74 downhill with the pedal to the floor and drafting the Great Wall of China. We averaged 72 miles per hour for the trip.

Sunday I was at the race at Homestead. It was a BLAST, as usual, and I look forward to the Twin 125s at Daytona in February.

Overall, I'm very tired, but very happy. My last day of work here is Thursday, so I'll be back up at the apartment in Orlando Thursday night. On Saturday morning my parents will arrive and I'll be on my way up to Pennsylvania (driving ... 23 hours ... I'm about sick of driving now) for the week of Turkey Day. If anyone wants to hang out Thursday night/anytime Friday, you are more than welcome to just show up :) Phone # is 407-207-0303 if you need directions :)
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[18 Nov 2002|11:39am]
Having trouble waking up in the morning? Try this.
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