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Ah, Credit Card Fraud...

Well, I signed onto Bank of America's website this morning to check out my bills and balances, and I see (to my surprise) that my checking account is overdrafted by over $200. As my mind races, I look through the posted charges and come across a $338 charge to Foot Action. After calling Foot Action, I learn that they are a mail-order catalog for shoes and sports memorabilia. Great.

So I call up Bank of America, and they are great about the whole thing. Cancel my check card, rush me another one, reverse the charges and the overdraft fees. There was also an attempted charge to which was declined. Ha. Not mine, honest!

According to the wonderful lady on the phone, this mostly happens as a result of giving your card out at restaurants. Must've been at Broadway on Saturday. I'll be paying cash at all restaurants from now on, and I don't think I'll be going back to Broadway for quite some time, if ever again. I have to give it to Bank of America, though. Amazing customer service and a bank or ATM on every corner. Love this bank.
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