Carlos (tallon29) wrote,

Ahh, I'm almost done packing. I'm not sure whether to be surprised at how little I own, or how much. It's an odd feeling. I go to rent the U-Haul tonight, and will be up along with a few friends most of the day Saturday unpacking. I must return Saturday night so as to be fully rested for the (finally) race at Homestead on Sunday. I've been seriously considering getting a digital camera to take pictures of the move/race, but moving expenses come first.

Also, I seem to have misplaced the better of my three learn-Japanese-on-tape (laugh) programs, so unless they have it on CD at Barnes and Noble this evening, Rob and Alex and I will be listening to a inferior learn-Japanese-on-tape-type-thing.

GAH, I also forgot to mention that I was upgraded to a larger 1 bedroom apartment that actually has a dining area [read: Ping-pong table :D] and a fricken wood fireplace. Man am I going to be burning some wild stuff in there. I have yet to decide what will be first, though :D
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