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Found this on's Tuesday Morning Quarterback:

In July, Larry King featured psychic Char Margolis on his show.
Read the transcript here
. Margolis, who specializes in contacting
the departed, explained her powers to King thusly: "I connect people to
the spirit world on one level. I believe that we don't die and that love
never dies. And that E=MC². Energy has to go somewhere. And I believe
that energy, of who we were, that we all have our own energy thumbprint
and when we die we are still that individual, and that we still have a
consciousness, but on another plane." Wait a minute, E=MC² means that
energy equals matter times the speed of light of light squared. TMQ
believes that too, but what does it have to do with eternal

Margolis proceeded to attempt to demonstrate her incredible powers by
reading the mind of people calling into the Larry King. She said she
could determine the names of the person on the caller's mind. To be
charitable, TMQ assumes that no call-screener was whispering information
about the callers into Margolis' earpiece. Here are highlights of what

Hilarity ensues:

CALLER: Hello.

MARGOLIS: Okay, hello. Do you have somebody who is an A or M
initial connected with you?


MARGOLIS: Anyone deceased or living? Think.


MARGOLIS: Okay, who is that? That's right, an M-A. Like a
Margaret or Mary or Ann?


MARGOLIS: It's a common name or a middle name like this?


MARGOLIS: You know what? I'm sorry I'm not picking up on you.


MARGOLIS: I'm not picking up on you, I'm really sorry. {Caller is

LARRY KING: That happens, right?

MARGOLIS: Yes, I guess. Or maybe she's not thinking.

So if the psychic cant read the caller's thoughts, it must be the
caller's fault! Here is the very next attempt to demonstrate incredible
psychic powers, in which Margolis guesses the same letters.

LARRY KING: Salt Lake City. Hello.

MARGOLIS: Hi. Do you have somebody that's an A or M connected to


MARGOLIS: Which letter, an A or an M?


MARGOLIS: Spelled M-A.?






MARGOLIS: Is it your mom or grandma?

CALLER: No, my aunt.

MARGOLIS: Your aunt. Is she deceased?


MARGOLIS: I think her spirit is around you. Have you had some
health concerns recently?


MARGOLIS: Have you been put on a medication?


MARGOLIS: Is the doctor talking about putting you on a medication?


MARGOLIS: I'm not allowed to give out medical advice, but I have
a feeling there's something that's going to put you on to control
something. Did you have any problem with your leg or your back?

CALLER: My back, and yes, and my foot.

MARGOLIS: And your foot. Okay. I almost said foot. "I almost said

Margolis guesses Mary, the most common female name, and then declares
that she almost mind read the caller's problem. And she played
the percentages by asking about the caller's back. Years ago when TMQ's
former boss Charles Peters, founder of The Washington Monthly , was a young politician in West
Virginia, an old master politician advised him: If working a room and
pretending you remember people, ask about their backs. Since the
majority of adults experience back complaints, it's hard to miss.
Apparently, there is even back pain in the spirit world! Here's the next

LARRY KING: Tarzana, Calif.

MARGOLIS: Hi. Is there somebody who's an S or M connected to you?

CALLER: Not that I know of.

MARGOLIS: Anyone deceased or living?

CALLER: No. My father was an H.

MARGOLIS: Don't say the name.

CALLER: He passed away.

MARGOLIS: He starts with an H?


MARGOLIS: Don't say the name. Is it spelled H-A?

CALLER: That's what it starts with.

MARGOLIS: Like Harry or Harold?


MARGOLIS: Okay. I think he's around you but there's also an S. Do
you know if there was a Sam or a Saul or a Sarah or something like this?

CALLER: Not that I know of. I have a friend of mine starts with
an S.

MARGOLIS: Is it S with a T in it, your friend?

CALLER: No, just S-A.

MARGOLIS: He's not Sam or Sarah?

CALLER: Sam is a friend of mine.

MARGOLIS: Sam is a friend of yours. Okay.

CALLER: My father's name started with H.

MARGOLIS: I think Harry's probably around you. You feel him
around you, don't you?

CALLER: I think sometimes I do even though he's been dead for
like 23 years.

MARGOLIS: That's okay, because love is a bridge that connects us
to the other side. I do think he's around you. And I don't know what
this is with Sam. Are you thinking of -- do you work with Sam at all?

CALLER: No, we're just good friends.

MARGOLIS: Are you thinking of making a change with your work?

CALLER: No, I'm not.


CALLER: No, Sam is a married guy with three kids.

Note the psychic never actually determined the first letter of the name
-- the caller told her, then had to remind her. If you guessed that
this caller was cut off, perhaps you have psychic power!
call produced this exchange:

LARRY KING: Chesapeake, Ohio. Hello.

MARGOLIS: Hi. Do you have someone who's an R or a B?


MARGOLIS: Which letter?


MARGOLIS: Is it a male R?


MARGOLIS: Or a female R?

CALLER: Female.

MARGOLIS: Is it spelled R-O?


MARGOLIS: Or R-E like Renee?

CALLER: Rebecca.

MARGOLIS: Don't say names. Is that family to you?


MARGOLIS: Is that your daughter or your granddaughter? Who is

CALLER: My sister.

MARGOLIS: Oh, it's your sister. Okay, I'm not sure -- are you
supposed to be seeing her soon?

CALLER: I see her all the time.

MARGOLIS: She lives near you?


MARGOLIS: Okay, which one of you -- are you worried about her or
you with your health?


MARGOLIS: Or is someone else?

CALLER: Not that I know of.

MARGOLIS: I'm mixed up about this one. I'm so sorry. Who has the
bad leg or limps? A bad leg or foot? Is that you or her?



KING: Maybe it's the B.

MARGOLIS: Oh, yes, maybe it is the B. Is the B a male?


MARGOLIS: Is it B with an R in it or Bill or Bob?


MARGOLIS: Bill. Does he have a bad leg or foot?


MARGOLIS: Can I just say something, though? Sometimes things like
this happen, and like two weeks later there's a problem with the leg. Or
Bill's on the phone with her now saying, "I have a bad leg or foot."

So although the incredible psychic was totally wrong about this caller,
maybe sometime in the future she'll be right. Just try to prove Bill
won't someday have a problem with his leg or foot!

Another caller:

LARRY KING: Birmingham, Ala. Hello.

MARGOLIS: Is there somebody who's a K or C connected with you?


MARGOLIS: Or an S or C.?


MARGOLIS: Okay, think of people living and deceased. No?

CALLER: I'm thinking of one person in particular.

MARGOLIS: No, you've got to be open-minded about everybody.
You're trying too hard; you're going to mess me up. You're going to make
me look like I don't know what I'm doing.

CALLER: All right. A, K or a C?

MARGOLIS: Let me move on to something else because your mind's
not there.

"You're going to make me look like I don't know what I'm doing." And
note that once again the caller has to tell the psychic the letter she
is trying to guess. Through the course of an hour-long show and
exchanges with 27 callers, on 17 tries Margolis failed to guess any name
after repeatedly tossing out common letters, and on 10 tries did guess a
name. Eight of the 10 she did guess were James, John, Joseph, Tom or
Mary -- the most common names. Try this as a parlor game: Throw out two
or three common letters, then see if there's anyone at the party who
know someone with one of the letters in his or her name.
Next, declare yourself a psychic.

TMQ's favorite moment of the show was Margolis failing to come even
close to guessing a caller's problems. Margolis told King, "I'm much
better with the dead than I am with the living." But the dead haven't
called in!

Go to Margolis' own website
, where she declares, "As a child I
was able to see spirits, read thoughts and foresee events." She must
have lost that gift or she would have foreseen how often she would be
wrong on Larry King Live!
Go here to arrange a 45-minute personal phone conversation with Char Margolis

for just $500. In 45 minutes, she's sure to guess your name, especially if
you tell her. TMQ would be glad talk to you on the phone and guess your
name for just $400 for 45 minutes -- a huge discount compared to the
professional psychic. Maybe I should start a price war with her!
Wait, I can see something -- you watch football, don't you? Yes, you
watch football on television. Am I right? You watch with someone named J
or L or M or B or T or N or G or D, am I right? When you watch you drink
-- is it -- you drink beer, don't you? Someone close to you complains
when you spend all day watching football and drinking beer. Could it be
-- your wife?
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