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$499 :[

I've decided on the video card I'm going to purchase later this month/early next. After almost jumping on several deals, I've decided to be patient and wait for the card which I believe will be the best and last me the longest. That card is the HIS Excalibur Radeon X800XT IceQ II. A mouthful, I know. But the added cooling solution to this particular card should help with my current ambient case temp and also allow for much higher/more stable overclocks down the road. Here is the card:

Beautiful, isn't she? :D To see some fantastic screens from an overclocked X800 Pro (one step down from this card... you can have a Visiontek X800 Pro on your doorstep tomorrow for only $12 shipping if you order from by midnight, BTW), check out this thread over at Guru3d. Takes a while to load, but there are some good looking screens in there, including some from HL2 and Doom3 alphas.

Look for a more meaningful post later tonight.
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