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Just made the following post replying to someone deciding which MP3 player to buy and I thought I'd share it here. Please leave your thoughts.

The Rio Karma is SO much better than an iPod. It really is the first MP3 player to knock the iPod off of its throne.

  • At 20 GBs it's at LEAST $70 less than the iPod ($329 vs $399 retail, found the Karma for as low as $233 )

  • Nearly twice the battery life (15 hrs vs 8 hrs)

  • Smaller and is shaped to fit your hand more comfortably

  • has cross fading (which is a MANDATORY feature in an mp3 player, at least for me)

  • you can actually save playlists you make on the fly on the player (cannot do this on the iPod)

  • has a most fantastic thumb scroll wheel (basically a scroll wheel from a mouse)

  • when you scroll through songs you first scroll to the letter of the artist/title/album/genre you wish, then the actual item vs the iPod having to scroll past EVERY SINGLE item. SO if you have 2000 MP3s on your player and you'd like to queue up title #1000 (say it's Take Me Out to the Ballgame ((stupid example, I know))) to play next, on an iPod you'd have to scroll past ONE THOUSAND SONGS to get to it, vs the Karma you just scroll to T and choose it, then to the song title. HUGE time saver.

  • The Karma has this awesome feature called the Rio DJ where it keeps track of how many times you've listened to every song all the way through, and at any time you can choose Rio DJ and it'll make you a playlist of your most listened to songs. Basically gives you an automatic favorites playlist on the fly whenever you want it.

  • The cradle has ETHERNET to hook up on your local network, plus the cradle has stereo RCA jacks to plug right into your stereo. Not only that, but the Karma has the USB2 and power plugs RIGHT ON THE DEVICE! SO you don't even NEED the cradle to hook it up to your PC or charge it.

If you're going to buy an MP3 player, this is HANDS DOWN the one to get. Love it. I've got 1573 songs on mine and it's not even halfway full. It goes with me everywhere.

Also, my new TV has proved to be absolutely fantastic. Now I long for a sound system to go with it, but for now I'll be fine as the sound that TV pumps out is pretty dang impressive to begin with.

Everything with Jess is going absolutely fantastic. I have never been so content in my life. If I can just make it a few more months without screwing everything, who knows what might happen? :)

Megacon was great and I was glad to see everyone there. Jason, let me know if you and Sam are up for a double @ Crazy Buffet one night before (or on) Thursday. If none of those are going to work, let me know as we may just go tonight.

For anyone interested in Battlefield: Vietnam, Here is a link to some great videos of multiplayer action to get you pumped. I know I am. That dense foliage really gets me excited.
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