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From a post on another forum. Laughed so hard I nearly shat myself. Sorry for those of you whom have no interest.

"Unwittingly, Jeff Gordon contributed to this change in target demographic and the coresonding decline in quality of the NASCAR product. When Gordon burst upon the scene, with his twinkling eyes, artificial smile and modicrum of racing talent, it changed the face of NASCAR forever. Suddenly, obese women and men teetering on the brink of sexual confusion flocked to NASCAR events - vowing to purchase every Jeff Gordon licensed notepad, rubber duck, and lawn sprinkler that they could find. Corporate America rightly saw this buying power, and a multitude of companies decided that they all wanted their own personal Jeff Gordon to smile and woo the bulbous married women who make the buying decisions about toilet paper and dishwashing detergent in their households. Suddenly these so-called "new fans", with no appreciation for the unlikely series of events that contributed to the deep tradition and insanely devoted following that NASCAR has acquired (against all its own efforts), populate the seats at new tracks like Kansas Motor Speedway, where the only racing "action" occurs outside the men's restroom after a few $8.00 Cheesesteaks. This all somehow leads to the invention of Jimmie Johnson, and - trust me - that's a series of events that really should have been stopped before it started. "

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